The benefits

of Val Morgan Showcase

Connect your brand to passionate audiences

Val Morgan Showcase is designed to help businesses experience the effectiveness of cinema advertising, understand its ability to drive results and connect your business to the local community.

The big screen, unrivalled sound quality and immersive environment make it one of the most powerful, targeted and high-impact advertising mediums available.

Proven to deliver 6x the engagement, impact and ad recallof television, your brand is guaranteed to cut-through and leave a lasting impression on future customers.

See what’s coming to the big screen in 2019

Get a glimpse into 2019’s upcoming, highly anticipated movie titles, the audience demographics they will attract along with forecasted admission numbers.

Access to exclusive rates – up to 80% off

Val Morgan Showcase is an ‘invite-only’ event that provides attendees with exclusive access to heavily discounted, introductory advertising rates as well as many other exclusive benefits.

The Val Morgan team can work with you to tailor a solution that best suits your business.

Places are limited so be sure to register to secure your seat
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